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Staff at the international business centre

Aalborg University is well-known for its research-based teaching. In practice, this means that staff-members are both teachers and researchers.

The International Business Centre (IBC) is a leader in diversity. This can easily be seen in the composition of the academic staff as well. Both professors and PhD students are from a range of different countries, such as China, Ghana,USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark providing a unique inter-cultural dialogue.

Our centre currently works with three supportive administrators who are happy not only to assist the prospective students, but also companies interested in our projects. If you have any questions relating to our programmes, admissions procedure, research projects or any possible venues for collaborations, feel free to contact the Secretariat!

See the list of our Professors and Researchers, PhD students, Research Assistants or the Secreteriat and browse among their profiles!

                                      International Business Centre · Fibigerstræde 4 · DK- 9220 Aalborg · Phone: +45 99 40 99 40 · ibc-info@business.aau.dk